Danielle Hall

Danielle Hall | Paradigm San Francisco

Danielle is certified in Sound Healing Therapy from The Sound and Consciousness Institute (San Francisco) and holds a certification in Cyma Therapy from The International Sound Therapy Association. In addition to her work at Paradigm San Francisco, Danielle has a successful sound healing private practice in San Francisco.  Her clients include teens dealing with PTSD, trauma, pain, stress, depression, anxiety and other emotional health issues.  She serves many clients who have survived sexual abuse, physical abuse,  emotional and mental abuse, including bullying.  Using sound therapy as a way to relieve the body of stress and tension, for clients to gain awareness and to feel their body through somatic and sound therapy, intentional nada yoga (sound yoga) voice practices for empowerment, and guided meditation with sound.  Have facilitated group and family sound therapy/sound bath sessions for team building and family bonding. She also facilitates sound baths for innovative corporate companies with wellness programs such as Wix.com, LinkedIn, Studiomix, lululemon and Athletica.

Teen and adolescent residential treatment program that has the privilege of serving families from throughout the US and abroad.