Daniel Rauck

Daniel Rauck | Paradigm San Francisco

Daniel Rauck completed his teacher training at Greenpath yoga in SF and has been a yoga instructor for more than a decade. Since his very first yoga class, he was inspired at yoga’s potential for healing and transformation.  Daniel has taught over 10,000 classes and brought the practice of yoga to folks from a wide variety of backgrounds. He has worked with a full spectrum of physical abilities, from athletes to the differently abled. Regardless of one’s current physical and emotional state, Daniel teaches yoga in a way that meets each adolescent where they are, in order to help the teen find their own path to balance and empowerment.  Augmenting his yoga teaching are studies in Yoga Nidra, restorative yoga, and yin yoga, as well as being an NASM corrective exercise specialist.

Teen and adolescent residential treatment program that has the privilege of serving families from throughout the US and abroad.