Learning Differences/Academic Challenges

At Paradigm San Francisco, we offer an array of Teen Academic Support programs, designed to address the unique needs of all teens. Our programs are led by a highly skilled team of counselors, teachers, and tutors that work with teens throughout their treatment, in order to support them in all their academic needs and goals. Our Academic Support team works alongside therapists and psychologists, in order to incorporate academic issues and struggles into their greater treatment goals, while here at Paradigm San Francisco.

imageGifted/Honors/AP Support

For teens that are here for Mental Health and/or Substance Abuse treatment conditions and are in AP or Honors courses, we provide special support to help them continue to excel and stay current in studies, while in treatment. We understand that supporting teens to manage their considerable academic responsibilities is integral to ensuring a positive, healthy return to school, so we help teens to manage assignments and class work, while at Paradigm. With this said, we also help teens to balance their school responsibilities in such a way that they can be fully present and engaged in their treatment. What we find is by giving teens the time and support they need to feel confident about these responsibilities, they are less distracted by school work and can be focused in their therapeutic sessions.

Learning Differences Support

We also have a support program for teens with learning differences, which includes a number of resources designed to help address teens’ specific academic needs. Through daily classroom time and individualized tutoring sessions, we work with teens to help them identify and address what kinds of support would help them to succeed, and provide that for them, during their treatment. For instance, often teens with learning differences struggle with succeeding in the larger classroom setting, especially if there is a rigorous pace which doesn’t allow for individualized process and/or asking questions. By working with teens in a small setting, we not only help them to relax and feel more comfortable, but also assist them in catching up on any current studies, so they can feel confident returning to school. At the same time, we work with teens to help them to define and practice new strategies to better succeed in school, in the future.

Holistic Approach

At Paradigm San Francisco, we’re committed to identifying and integrating all aspects of teens’ treatment holistically, in order to support teens in all areas of their lives. With that said, our teachers and tutors that work with teens in Academic Support will always coordinate with the teens’ lead therapists, so that we’re ensuring that the efforts and time teens are spending here is as effective, thorough, and meaningful as possible.