Korean Education and Treatment Delegation Visits Paradigm San Francisco

Korean Education and Treatment Delegation

On Tuesday, December 12th, The South Korean Consulate in San Francisco and a delegation from South Korea came to visit Paradigm San Francisco. The purpose was to allow participants to learn about Paradigm’s effective treatment of electronic media issues including but not limited to Internet and Gaming Addiction as well as Social Media and Cell Phone abuse.

The event was hosted by Program Director, Danielle Kovac, LCSW, Administrator Diane Flinn and Program Coordinator, Kelani Cross. Attendees included Kim Sung Byuk, Division Chief of the Ministry of Gender Equality & Family, Assistant Directors Kim Ki Beom and Kim Min Ji, Education Researcher from the Ministry of Education Researcher Lee Youn Ho, Soul Metropolitan Office of Education supervisor, Bryung June Jung, Assistant director of Ulsan metropolitan Office of Education, Heo Mingeun team manager for Gyeongsabgnam-do Youth Support Foundation, Yu MIn Ji from the Chungbuk Youth services Agency, Kang Min Hee of the Jeonnam Suncheon Youth Counseling Center, Kim Jinsu of the Korean Youth Counseling Institute Media Addiction Prevention Division and Shim Yong Chool, General Manager of the National Center for Youth Internet Addiction.

Time spent together included a facility tour, a presentation, a question and answer session. Participants engaged in a cultural exchange rooted in the exploration of different treatment models and potential cross cultural applications. Regarding the event, administrator Diane Flinn stated “We were so honored to have the delegation take time to learn about our treatment approach. It is encouraging to know that International Clients are having positive treatment experiences with us, spreading the word and helping to create these types of opportunities.”

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