Gender Identity

Embracing Gender Expansive Youth


Gender Identity | Paradigm San Francisco
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“At Paradigm, we provide sophisticated, evidence-based treatment for adolescents struggling with anxiety, depression, trauma, body dysmorphia, disordered eating, substance use, and addiction resulting from the challenge of affirming their gender identity.”


Supporting Gender Expansive Youth

Adolescence is a unique, dynamic time of life, and for many teens, characterized by many big questions and challenges. This time of life can be particularly complex and difficult for teens that are gender non-conforming, which is why at Paradigm San Francisco, we pride ourselves in offering a treatment environment and approach that embraces all aspects of gender expression and gender identity.

At Paradigm San Francisco, our treatment philosophy and process allow us to tailor treatment to each teen’s unique experiences, challenges, strengths, and interests. This provides us with the ability to meet teens where they are, and provide them with support in all areas of their lives. Furthermore, our team is uniquely equipped and experienced to understand and support teens, as they move through these aspects of their journey. And lastly, our treatment environment and therapeutic sessions provide a safe, supportive, comfortable environment where teens can ask questions and explore all different aspects of their identities, including gender.

At Paradigm San Francisco, we also understand that this important time of life for teens can also be challenging and delicate for parents and family members as well. This is why in addition to the direct work we do with teens, we also provide numerous different support services and therapeutic programs, designed to address the needs and experiences of family members. All of these sessions and services supplement each other to support and affirm the goals and needs of transgender and gender non-conforming youth and their families.


The Paradigm San Francisco Treatment Environment

Here are some of the things teens and their families can expect:

  • Individual therapy sessions every day
  • A minimum of 5 hours of individual family therapy and multi-family group work and support services, including gender-focused education and LGBT parent groups
  • A safe, supportive, community-based residential setting with an average of just 6 teens
  • Team members and therapists that practice a gender affirming approach, including using the teens’ preferred gender pronouns
  • Choice of room accommodations that support teens’ expressed gender identity
  • Comprehensive diagnostic interview process & individual treatment plan design
  • Specialized groups for teens, including several Expressive Arts Therapy programs that incorporate art, drama, Equine Therapy, and music
  • Nutritional planning and physical training opportunities
  • Academic support services, including individual tutoring services
  • Free on-going after care services, including recommendations to transgender-youth-focused mental health and medical providers