Family Health

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At Paradigm San Francisco, our Family Health program is fundamental to our teen treatment plans. Our extensive experience working with youth has shown us that supporting the family system and environment is integral in supporting and sustaining teens’ healing and recovery.  We provide this support through a number of different programs, designed to address the particular needs and struggles of each family member. By supporting teens as well as the family, the greatest possible positive changes of healing and growth can take place.

Family Health Services

The Family Health Services we offer include:

  • Parent Coaching
  • Parent Effectiveness Training
  • Individual Family Therapy
  • Multi-Family Therapy
  • Sibling Support Services
  • Ongoing Parent Support Services

Parent Coaching and Parent Effectiveness Training

Our Parent Coaching and Parent Effectiveness Training sessions are available to parents of all teens as a part of our family health program. All sessions are led by a P.E.T. trainer and are derived from the proven parenting methods and strategies which greatly improve a family’s effectiveness in communicating and growing in relationship. The goal of these sessions is both to equip parents to better connect and communicate with their teens, as well as to improve overall family dynamics, in order to support the continued progress of the work teens have done in treatment, here at Paradigm. To read more about the specific content of our Parent Coaching and Parent Effectiveness Training sessions, click here.

Individual Family Therapy

One of the cornerstones of our teen treatment at Paradigm San Francisco is our individual family therapy sessions, which are conducted by each teen’s lead therapist. These individual family sessions happen weekly and are a time for teens and families to work with the therapist, in order to address specific dynamics, struggles, and experiences they’re having. One of the primary goals of these sessions is to address some of the particular issues which arise during the teens’ individual treatment time. At the same time, these sessions are also a time for parents and family members to express and share their own feelings and thoughts, regarding both the teens’ treatment as well as the well-being of the greater family unit and environment.

This is one of the things that sets Paradigm San Francisco apart, as many teen treatment centers unfortunately only provide treatment that involves the family by educating them about the

Multi-Family Therapy Group

Family Health | Paradigm San Francisco

Once a week, we host a Family Day here at Paradigm San Francisco, when all families of teens are invited to come and join us for the day and participate in a Multi-Family therapy group. These Multi-Family Groups are always led by a few of our lead therapists and are a time when teens, parents, and family members can share in processing their current thoughts, feelings, and experiences. The therapists will often lead teens and family members to address certain topics or struggles that might be common for many families, and this creates a wonderful time when teens and families can feel very understood and supported, in community. While the benefits of this unique therapy time are really too great to list, at least one of them is the strong sense of understanding, respect, recognition, and support which parents and family members gain from each other.


Sibling Support Services

Another part of our family health program is our sibling support services, which include a number of different therapy groups available to all siblings of teens here at Paradigm San Francisco. The goal of this program is to address the questions, needs, and challenges siblings might be experiencing, while their brother or sister is in treatment. The program also has a more educational aspect, designed to help educate siblings to knowledge and practical skills, regarding navigating their current experience of having a sibling in treatment. Some of the specific groups we offer as part of this program include: group therapy, family therapy, support groups, psycho-educational groups, and individual therapy sessions.

To learn more about our Sibling Support Services program, please click here.

Ongoing Parent Support Services

We’re committed to support parents throughout the entirety of their Paradigm San Francisco experience, including the time while parents are researching treatment facilities and making a decision; during the treatment process; and following teens’ return home. Prior to teens being admitted to Paradigm, we’re available to work with parents and family members as they assess their teens’ current needs and determine the proper type and level of care, as well as helping to facilitate the process of teens entering treatment. During treatment, we have a number of different Family Support Services, such as Family Day and Individual Family Therapy sessions. And following teens time here at Paradigm, we’re available to continue supporting parents throughout the transition process, as well as assisting in helping to find after-care therapists to work with.

To read more about our Ongoing Parent Support Services, click here.

Family Day

Each Saturday, we host a Family Day here at Paradigm San Francisco, in which all families are invited to participate in a number of different therapeutic activities and sessions. During Family Day, families will have meaningful time to spend with their teens, as well as other teens and families. A delicious luncheon prepared by our in-house chef is provided and families are also given time to visit privately, as well. Our Family Day is always a valuable, rich time for teens and families to share and grow, together.

To read more about our Family Day, click here.

If you have any questions regarding our family health program, please feel free to contact us.