Family Day

Family Day | Paradigm San FranciscoAt Paradigm San Francisco, we’re committed to providing support and care to the families of teens that are with us for mental health and/or substance abuse treatment.  After working with adolescents for several decades, we’ve learned that by working with teens and their families together and helping to build healthy, supportive family dynamics and communication, we can further the efforts and progress which teens make during treatment.  Very often a teen’s ability to make and sustain meaningful lasting changes during treatment is closely related to their ability to succeed once they return home, and continue to make the positive changes and adjustments which will ensure their increasing mental and emotional well-being. Our Family Day program occurs weekly and is at the heart of this important, meaningful therapeutic work we do with teens and families.

During our Family Day sessions, family members visit the house and spend time in sessions and classes with their teens and others.  Our Family Day is an extremely meaningful, unique aspect of our treatment plans, and provides great opportunities for families to experience powerful healing and growth, together.  On Family Days, families will usually take part in one individual family group and one larger multi-family group.  The individual family group is led by the teen’s lead therapist and will involve working on specific struggles, dynamics, and relationships that pertain to the teen’s current treatment.  During the multi-family group, all the current teen residents and families participate in one larger therapy group, together.  This group time is usually led by two or three therapists and tends to be a time when teens and families can share and work through broader struggles, issues, and dynamics, which are often shared by many people.  These multi-family groups are an incredibly meaningful time when parents can share and connect with others; teens can gain perspective, through the eyes of other families; siblings can hear stories and share experiences; and families can support each other, from a place of understanding and respect.

We believe that much of the success and deep growth that happens in our Family Day is because of the small size of our treatment house and the skilled, careful leadership of our lead therapists.  We’re proud that Paradigm San Francisco has one of the highest staff to client ratios of any center in the country and we intentionally maintain a small house population..  Because of this small size, we’re able to ensure a close, intimate environment of families in which everyone senses their place and role in sharing.  Whereas many treatment centers maximize profits by overpopulating houses and limiting therapists, our treatment success speaks for itself, and to the Paradigm San Francisco difference.