Chamber of Commerce Nominates Paradigm SF for Business of the Year

Chamber of Commerce | Paradigm San Francisco

Paradigm San Francisco, a California-based residential treatment facility focusing on adolescents, has been nominated for Business of the Year by the San Rafael Chamber of Commerce.


The event, the State of the City Dinner, featured the Best of San Rafael at the Peacock Gap Clubhouse, announcing the winners for the Large, Small and Joe Garbarino Green Businesses of the Year, as well as the City of San Rafael Employee of the Year, and the Citizen of the Year. Alongside these accolades and recognitions, the State of the City event featured an address to San Rafael and Marin County residents by Mayor Gary Phillips.


Paradigm San Francisco, a respected teen rehab facility affiliated with the Joint Commission, the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry, and several other networks and associations dedicated to providing better mental healthcare in the United States, has also announced the expansion of residential treatment services in Marin County.


This new expansion plans to double the amount of treatment Paradigm can offer in Northern California, matching the size and capacity of the original San Francisco treatment facility. Chief Clinical Officer Dr. Jeff Nalin previously stated: “The demand for inpatient mental health and addiction services for adolescents in the region has far exceeded our expectations,” commenting on the need for another facility to address the demand in teen treatment services. “We look forward to being of service to more families in Northern California.” Dr. Nalin is a licensed clinical psychologist, and the founder of Paradigm Treatment Centers. He has been working in the field of adolescent mental healthcare for over 20 years.


Paradigm offers treatment services specifically to adolescents struggling with a variety of disorders, mental health issues, and behavioral issues, including teen depression, anxiety, substance use, PTSD, eating disorders, and internet/social media misuse.


The organization’s philosophy is rooted in youth empowerment and family involvement. Paradigm addresses the growing need for teen mental health services in California, offering treatment and guidance not only for teens with diagnosed mental health issues, but for teens with troublesome behavior and problems at home. Paradigm believes in working with adolescents, engaging them as partners to find causes to behavioral problems, and work together to create solutions for them.


Paradigm San Francisco is located at 366 Margarita Dr, San Rafael, near the North Bay of California. Built close to the ocean, Paradigm SF offers its residents a multitude of amenities and a gorgeous view.


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