What Connects Anxiety, Depression, and PTSD?

What Connects Anxiety, Depression, and PTSD?

Mental health disorders are nothing to be ashamed of. They’re very common, and anybody can suffer from one.

Mental health disorders like anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) are common, but aren’t completely understood. The public and even people whose job is to study mental health disorders don’t always understand what causes mental illnesses. Read More

How Recovering Teens Can Show Appreciation to Their Loved Ones

Recovering Teens, Appreciate Your Loved Ones This Holiday Season

Recovery isn’t easy for anyone of any age, but teens may have a particularly hard time.

Teens in recovery are dealing with all of the usual teen stuff – raging hormones, social pressures, academic concerns, making plans for their future adult lives – on top of the ravages of addiction and the obstacles they encounter during recovery. Read More

Teaching Teens About the Power of Kindness

The Power of Kindness & How Teens Can Benefit From Practice

Kindness is about more than simply being nice, polite, or friendly, although those things contribute to the overall power of kindness.

Kindness is about treating those around you with genuine care, compassion, concern, and acceptance. Sometimes kindness is mistakenly associated with naivety or weakness, which can cause some people – including image-conscious teenagers, to try to avoid being labeled as kind. Read More

3 Ways You Can Help Prevent Teen Driver Injuries

Teen Driver | Paradigm San Francisco

As the parent of a teenager who recently got a license or who will soon be getting their license, you want to make sure that your teen driver is safe behind the wheel. Here are three ways you can help prevent teen driver injuries. Read More

Is Your Teen Experiencing Positive or Negative Peer Pressure?

Is Peer Pressure (Positive or Negative) Affecting Your Child?

When you have teenagers, it is only natural to be concerned about peer pressure. After all, you could be concerned about how the influence from other teens might impact your son or daughter. Read More