3 Ways to Be the Best Role Model for Your Teen This Year

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Every parent wants their child to grow up to be the best version of themselves. That’s why, as a parent, you worry about the role models that your child looks up to.  Read More

How to Beat the Back to School Blues

Back to School Blues: Kickstarting Teens for the Winter Semester

Even children and teens who usually contract the back to school blues can get excited about school after a long summer vacation.

The first day of school in the fall means new school supplies, new subjects, new teachers, and new friends (or reunions with old friends who weren’t around during the summer). The novelty of a new school year can get even the children who are the least academically inclined excited for school – at least temporarily. Read More

Preventing Teens from Driving While Impaired

Teens: Driving While Impaired Is Dangerous - Paradigm San Francisco

Between the holidays, the end of the year, and the beginning of a new year (and in this case, a whole new decade) there are many opportunities for parties, and many opportunities for driving while being impaired. Read More

Parenting a Teen with Holiday Depression

Holiday Depression in Teens Can Be Challenging for Parents

The holidays are a difficult time for many people. The expectations of others around the holiday season can cause stress and exacerbate existing stress which leaves many, including teenagers, vulnerable to holiday depression. Read More

Finsta: Here’s What Parents Need to Know

Finsta: Everything That Parents Need to Know - Paradigm San Francisco

If you have a teenager, you probably know a little bit about Instagram just from watching and talking to them, even if you don’t use it yourself. The photo-sharing app is popular among teens because of the many filters and features that allow them to present an individually-curated and highly selective window into their lives. Read More