Parenting a Teen with Holiday Depression

Holiday Depression in Teens Can Be Challenging for Parents

The holidays are a difficult time for many people. The expectations of others around the holiday season can cause stress and exacerbate existing stress which leaves many, including teenagers, vulnerable to holiday depression. Read More

Understanding and Supporting Suicide Grief

Suicide Grief After Loved Ones Pass: How to Show Support

Grief after a suicide is something that everyone can understand.

Over the course of a lifetime, everyone will lose people they care about. Sometimes it happens suddenly – either because of an unexpected accident or because of a brief but ultimately fatal health struggle. Read More

Raising Teen Depression Awareness Helps Reduce the Stigma

Raise Teen Depression Awareness & Help Reduce the Stigma

Mental health is discussed more widely today than it ever has been in the past, and it’s easy to believe that knowledge like teen depression awareness is at an all time high. Read More

What Are the Causes of Situational Depression?

What Are the Causes of Situational Depression? - Paradigm San Francisco

You know that depression can be a serious condition. But do you know that there’s more than one type of depression? What most people are thinking of when they talk about depression in a clinical sense is major depression. But other types of depression should also be taken seriously. Read More

Why Do High School Athletes Struggle with Mental Health?

Mental Health Struggles in High School Athletes - Paradigm San Francisco

Being a high school athlete can look like a dream come true for many teens. They get to participate on a competitive level in an activity they enjoy – often one that they’ve been training for since childhood. Student athletes often enjoy the admiration of their peers and respect from teachers and school officials, as well as their parents’ pride. They attract positive attention on a number of different levels. And on top of that, high-performing athletes can be eligible for college scholarships and other considerations. What’s not to love? Read More