Understanding Social Manipulation and Bullying

Social Manipulation and Bullying - Paradigm San Francisco

Social manipulation can be difficult to spot and even harder to put a stop to.

Parents look for signs of physical bullying when they’re worried that their child is bullied. Alternatively, they will look for signs of cyberbullying: Read More

Is Your Teen a Bullying Bystander?

The Bullying Bystander: Does Your Teen Have The Skillset?

A lot of the thinking and actions around addressing bullying concerns either the bully themselves or the person who is the victim of the bully. A bullying bystander is one who observes bullying but gets less attention, and they’re an important part of the equation. Read More

How Bullied Teens Can Get Back to Living a Normal Life

Bullied Teens Can Get Back to Living a Normal Life

Bullying is traumatic for the victims. Many bullied teens have a difficult time getting over the experience.

Bullying can affect a teenager’s self-confidence and interfere with their ability to complete tasks, follow their regular routine, and enjoy the things that they normally enjoy. Understanding how bullying affects teens is an important aspect of helping teenagers who have been bullying victims get back to their normal routine. Read More

4 Ways to Stop Teen Bullying

Stop Teen Bullying In 4 Simple Methods - Paradigm San Francisco

Bullying can be a real problem for teenagers, and while no parent wants to hear that their child is being bullied, it can be difficult for them to know how to stop it. Bullying behaviors can be hard to identify in teens – especially with the rise of cyberbullying – and parental involvement can sometimes make a bullied teen even more of a target. Read More

Look Out for These 3 Teen Bullying Signs

Look Out for These 3 Teen Bullying Signs - Paradigm San Francisco

Bullying among teenagers can be harder to spot than bullying among younger children. Teenage bullying victims are better able to hide their feelings from their parents and teachers, and teenage bullies are better able to hide their actions. Teenage bullying is often less physical than bullying among younger children, and these days, much of it may take place online. So how are parents to know if their teen has a problem with bullying if their teen doesn’t tell them directly? Take a look at some of the teen bullying signs that your teen may be dealing with. Read More