3 Ways to Manage Teenage Stress

Teenage Stress Is Manageable: Early Mental Health Stability

If you’re the parent of a teen, you’re probably under some form of stress, different from the teenage stress exhibited by your child.

You have to work all day or run the household (or both), pay the bills, maintain your relationship with your spouse or partner if you have one, keep up with your teen’s needs, activities, grades, and behavior, work in quality time with your child or children and also try to factor in some sort of social life or personal time for yourself. Read More

4 Ways to Observe National Stress Awareness Day 2019

4 Ways to Observe National Stress Awareness Day 2019 - Paradigm San Francisco

Did you know that the first Wednesday in November is National Stress Awareness Day? If you’re like most people, you’re probably pretty aware of when you’re experiencing stress, but you may not be aware of all of the effects that stress can have on you. Typically, people often react to stress in unhealthy ways, such as by overeating or drinking alcohol or using drugs to relieve the stress. Read More

How to Cope With School Shooting Trauma

School Shooting Trauma Can Be Managed Too - Paradigm San Francisco

A school shooting is always a tragic event, and they happen often enough that for many people – especially students – that they’ve begun to feel inevitable. Read More

Is FOMO Impacting Your Mental Health?

FOMO Impacts Your Mental Health! - Paradigm San Francisco

Modern life comes with any number of stressors that may impact your mental state. FOMO, or the fear of missing out, is a new one to many people but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t affecting you. Read More

How to Help Gen Z Overcome Anxiety

Gen Z Anxiety | Paradigm San Francisco

More than previous generations, Generation Z reports feeling anxiety at a greater rate than some other common mental illnesses. There are a number of theories about why Gen Z is so anxious. They’re more isolated than previous generations, getting their social interaction through screens instead of in person. They’re under intense pressure to succeed academically. Many are entering or getting ready to enter a job field that contains a lot of closed doors for those who have college degrees but doesn’t pay enough to live on and pay off student loans for those who have a college degree. They’re worried about gun violence – particularly mass shootings in schools and other places where teens and young adults congregate. They’re living in a politically polarized time period and relations between various groups are often fraught. In short, they have a lot on their shoulders and their support networks are perhaps less than ideal. If you have a Gen Z teen, how can you help them overcome their anxiety? Take a look at some anxiety management tips for Generation Z. Read More