How Does Domestic Violence Affect Teens?

Domestic Violence | Paradigm San Francisco

Domestic violence in the home is a widespread epidemic that can affect families of all types and in all socioeconomic brackets. Unfortunately, this type of violence is often kept secret and can go on for years or decades, affecting generation after generation. Marital violence does not only affect the abuser and the one being abused but others in the home as well, particularly the children. As children exposed to violence grow into adolescence, behaviors and issues can emerge. Here are some of the ways that domestic violence affects teens.

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How to Keep Teens Safe From Online Bullies

Online Bullies | Paradigm San Francisco

Of all of the changes between the generation that you grew up in and the generation that is currently in the midst of their teens, technology and the Internet are probably the largest. While you might know how to keep your teen safe from the various challenges you encountered during your own adolescence, it can be difficult to know what to do to keep your teen safe from online bullies; after all, you didn’t have to deal with that during your own teen years! Here is a guide on what cyberbullying is, how to protect your teen from online bullying, and what to do if you suspect your teen has been bullied via the Internet.

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What Are Co-Occurring Disorders and How Are They Treated?

Co-Occurring Disorders | Paradigm San Francisco

When a person is struggling with a substance addiction, whether it’s a drug or alcohol, the addiction itself is often not the only issue. In many cases, there is a co-occurring disorder: This means that the person is often struggling with a mental health disorder such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, or an eating disorder in addition to the addiction. It’s important that those with addictions are also treated for co-occurring disorders; otherwise, it’s harder, if not impossible, to get the addiction under control. Read on to learn more about co-occurring disorders and how they, along with the addiction, can be treated.

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What to Do When Your Teen Is Dealing With Anxiety

Dealing With Anxiety | Paradigm San Francisco

Everyone experiences anxiety from time to time and your teen is no exception. Today’s teens might be under more stress and more likely to experience anxiety than adolescents in generations past. It’s no wonder: Teens are under increased pressure to do well in school in order to qualify for scholarships and spaces at selective universities, many adolescents have part-time jobs and/or extracurricular activities, and teenagers often have issues with peer pressure, family concerns, or other worries. If your teen is dealing with anxiety, it’s natural to want to help. Here are some things you can do to help your child handle his or her anxiety.

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