Alternative Therapies

Alternative-TherapiesOne of the most exciting aspects of the growing knowledge of mental health and substance abuse is that the opportunities for treatment continue to expand, as well.  Adolescent treatment is no longer considered just the treatment of the mind, but we now know that mental health is inextricably bound to emotional and physical health as well.  Therefore, the best treatment is such that it manages to address all aspects of teens’ health and well-being, as well as the relationships between.  Our treatment philosophy and design at Paradigm San Francisco is a result of this holistic mindset, a continually evolving approach that we’re committed to upholding in all treatment we provide.

One of the biggest benefits to approaching the diagnostic and treatment process in this way, is we’re able to help support teens and help them find relief, in numerous more opportunities.  By incorporating emotional and physical aspects into our diagnostic interview and treatment design, we’re able to identify potential connections that are triggering and/or aggravating teens’ mental health symptoms.  For instance, teens might be suffering from chronic stress related to school, which has created hormonal imbalances.  Such hormonal imbalances, over time, can lead to significant negative effects of numerous body system.  Teens also might be affected by poor nutrition or food allergies, lack of exercise, and/or the cause-and-effect cycle of self-medicating a mental health condition, by abusing a substance.  In order to help meet all these different unique needs of teens, we’ve designed an Alternative Therapies program.


Paradigm San Francisco Alternative Therapies Program

While the foundation of Paradigm San Francisco treatment still lies in our individual daily talk-therapy sessions, our Alternative Therapy options act as powerful therapeutic supplements.  Some of the programs we currently offer at Paradigm San Francisco include but are not limited to:

By weaving in these alternative therapies into teens’ larger treatment plans, we’re able to precisely design treatment that uniquely fits each teen’s individual needs and goals.  Not only does this make each day at Paradigm San Francisco meaningful and important, but also provides teens with the best opportunity possible to make and sustain positive changes, in all areas of their lives.