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Paradigm San Francisco

366 Margarita Dr.
San Rafael, CA 94901
Phone: 888-220-3466

Travel by Air

Airplane_silhouette-150x150Families travel to Paradigm San Francisco from throughout the United States and beyond. The airport with easiest access is Oakland Airport (OAK) which is 32 miles away. You may also choose San Francisco Airport (SFO) which is 31 miles away.



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What to take with you


Please bring enough clean and comfortable clothing to last between 7 to 10 days. We have laundry facilities on site to use. Those who stay with us must do their own laundry, but staff is available for assistance if needed.

All of our programs participants are advised to bring light jackets since we do have a coastal breeze out here. It can get cold in the evenings and in the early morning despite what season it may be.

Please bring bathing suits or other suitable swimwear, although this is optional and not required.

You are welcome to bring your own grooming supplies, although we at Paradigm do provide those for you, but keep in mind we may not have the brand you prefer. Bring whatever specific items you use daily and we will provide with whatever is still needed.

We also have blankets, pillows and towels, but if you prefer a certain blanket or pillow please bring it with you.

Make-Up is acceptable to bring into treatment.
You may also bring razors, tweezers, curling irons and other assorted grooming supplies.

For safety purposes we will store any grooming items that could cause harm if misused in our staff office and will be checked out for use daily.

Youth may also bring laptops for school use.
Laptops will be locked in the staff office and can be used during school hours only with supervision from a staff member.

Photos, stuffed animals, books and other items of comfort can be brought with youth while in treatment.

Lastly, treatment participants can bring personal music players, but the device must not have internet access. Also, headphones should be worn with consideration to others kept in mind.

What to leave at home


In order to keep our treatment program both emotionally and physically safe, we will not allow the following: cell phones, cameras of any kind, weapons of any kind, or audible music players. (As previously mentioned, personal audio players with headphones are OK) non-prescription drugs (excluding supplements) or alcohol.

Music, imagery, clothing or images or any other item that promotes or glorifies the use of drugs, violence, or that is offensive towards others is not welcome.

We also request that treatment participants don’t bring anything of deep personal or sentimental value that cannot be replaced. We are not responsible for the theft or destruction that can potentially occur to personal items while in treatment at our facility.

If you have any further questions or requests in regards to anything packing related, feel free to let us know, we are available all hours, day and night to be of help at 855-780-8336.