At Paradigm San Francisco, we’re committed to making the treatment admission process as easy and stress-free as possible, for both teens and family members. The admissions process usually entails the following:


Exploratory Phase

Usually treatment begins with a phone call from the teen or a loved one, reaching out to ask questions, and to some degree, receive support. In this conversation, we answer any questions we can and work together to determine whether Paradigm is the best fit for the teen. Sometimes, parents or families might also come visit the program, to get a chance to see the program in person, meet members of our treatment team, and have a more in-depth conversation. Because teens come to Paradigm San Francisco from all over the nation and abroad, this isn’t always possible, but teens and families are always welcome.


Insurance Verification, Authorization, and Financing

For families that are interested, we’re happy to contact insurance companies and verify benefits, in order to help families to understand what their final out-of-pocket expenses will be, and thus, they can plan accordingly. At this point, an insurance company will state what portion or total amount of the treatment they’re willing to cover.

In instances where families are responsible for co-payments and/or insurance doesn’t cover all treatment costs, we do offer financing options for families that are interested.


Admissions Paperwork:

To reserve a space at Paradigm San Francisco, families must complete our admissions packet paperwork, and return it to us either via email or traditional mail.

Please note that many of the forms in this packet are mandated by the state of California and may seem either inapplicable or simply confusing. As we don’t want the paperwork to become another source of stress for families, please just do your best in completing the forms and we can address any questions you might have.


Selection of Admission Date:

Once a family has decided Paradigm San Francisco is the best fit for their teen and the admission packet has been completed, we can work together to select an admission date. Admission dates are determined first come, first serve, rolling basis; thus, wait times may vary, determined by a variety of complex factors. However, our admissions team members will always make every effort to coordinate an admissions process and time that meets you and your teens’ needs, while keeping you informed, every step of the way.